Users must be authenticated to searchrefiner before using the tools and APIs. Configuration of administrators can be done via editing the configuration items in config.json, as explained in setup instructions.

For command-line and programmatic API usage, a cookie authentication token must be acquired. An example of this token acquisition using curl can be performed as follows:

curl -X POST -v searchrefiner.url/account/api/login -F 'username=example' -F 'password=12345'

The authentication cookie token will be set in the response header if the username and password are correct:

< Set-Cookie: user=sdfdfg5325==|53462342362|48798fg8229991288fhfnaasd3819t51; <<truncated>>

(obviously fake cookie)

Now when using the API, requests can be made like so:

curl -X POST --cookie "user=sdfdfg5325==|53462342362|48798fg8229991288fhfnaasd3819t51" localhost:4853/api/query2cqr -F 'query=(neck[Title] AND cancer[Abstract])' -F 'lang=pubmed'

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