ARC Discovery Project 2021

AI-driven Effective Query Formulation for Better Systematic Reviews

This project aims to develop novel AI-based search engine methods to make the creation of systematic reviews cheaper, faster and unbiased. Systematic reviews are the cornerstone for evidence-based decisions in clinical practice and government policy making. Given the pace new research is published at, it is unsustainable to manually conduct systematic reviews in the traditional manner, taking on average 2 years and $350K and becoming already outdated when published. The outcomes of this project will lead to systematic reviews of higher quality, while reducing their financial and temporal costs, providing significant benefits to organisations performing reviews and their funders, and to people impacted by decisions made from the reviews.

Chief Investigator(s): Guido Zuccon (UQ)

Partner Investigator(s): Bevan Koopman (CSIRO), Leif Azzopardi (University of Strathclyde, UK), Allan Hanbury (TU Wien, Austria)

Administering Organisation: UQ

Value: $203,771.00 (AUD)

Founding round: 2021 (2021-2023)