Information Engineering Lab.

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About ielab — the information engineering lab

ielab is a collaborative group of researchers working in the the area of information engineering. Much of this research is specifically on the areas of information retrieval; i.e., search.

Who is ielab

ielab was started as a group of information retrieval researchers at Queensland Univeristy of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. However, the group has expanded to include researchers from CSIRO, University of Strathclyde, Vienna University of Technology, Qatar Computing Research Institute and more.

Current projects

ielab works on a diversity of projects. Some examples include:


Researcher Staff

Doctoral Students (PhD)

Honours Students

Masters Students

[completed 2017]:

GitHub Repositories of projects:

Student Projects for Honours and Masters

If you are interested in joining the ielab for a student project or internship, have a look at the projects we have available.