BDHP/MRFF, Rapid Applied Research Translation (RART) Program

Enhancing electronic Medical records to improve Patient Outcomes, integrate health Workforce and generate Efficient Research (EMPOWER)

In the near future, all public hospitals affiliated with BDHP will share one integrated Electronic Medical Record (iEMR). It contains an extensive and rich repository of information that could be used to facilitate clinical practice improvement and clinical research. However, it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and LABOUR INTENSIVE to access this data in order to use it for these purposes. We propose a program of research to streamline this process that will not only be useful for BDHP but to all health care providers that use similar EMRs, worldwide.

We plan the work in 4 phases. This request relates to phase 1 in which we will develop a new, efficient capability for data extraction from the ieMR. We will construct a robust data model from the existing iEMR database that collates and indexes information from both the existing structured query language (SQL) fields and currently unindexed, but invaluable unstructured information.

Chief Investigator(s): A/Prof Clair Sullivan (MNHHS), Dr Andrew Staib (MSHHS), Prof Len Gray (UQ), Dr Guido Zuccon (UQ), Dr Magid Fahim (UQ), Dr Sally Shrapnel (UQ)

Administering Organisation: UQ

Value: $1,051,391 (AUD)

Founding round: 2020 (2020-2022)