BDHP/MRFF, Rapid Applied Research Translation (RART) Program

Enhancing electronic Medical records to improve Patient Outcomes, integrate health Workforce and generate Efficient Research (EMPOWER)

Value: $1,051,391 (AUD)

Funding years: 2020-2022

Discovery Early Career Researcher Award 2018 (DE180101579)

Searching when the stakes are high - better health decisions from Dr Google

Value: $346,446.00 (AUD)

Funding years: 2021-2023

H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovation Training Networks

DoSSIER - Domain Specific Systems for Information Extraction and Retrieval

Value: € 4,132,860.84 (~$6,664,000 AUD)

Funding years: 2019-2023

ARC Discovery Project 2021

AI-driven Effective Query Formulation for Better Systematic Reviews

Value: $203,771.00 (AUD)

Funding years: 2021-2023

Australian Academy of Science, France-Australia Science Innovation Collaboration (FASIC)

Early Career Fellowships

Value: $4,800 (AUD)

Funding years: 2016

Google Faculty Fellowship

Searching for Better Health

Value: $64,413 (AUD)

Funding years: 2018-2022

Grain Research and Development Corporation

AgAsk - A Question-Answering Conversational Agent for Data-driven Growing Decisions

Value: $695,668.00 (AUD)

Funding years: 2020-2022

United Arab Emirates University Start-up Grant

Scalable Recommendation of Visual Analytics for High-Dimensional Data

Value: ~$106,729 (AUD)

Funding years: 2020-2021

Neusoft Research of Intelligent Healthcare Technology

Collaborative Lab of Health Informatics with Neusoft

Value: $1,058,252.00 (AUD)

Funding years: 2019-2022