VizPut: Insight-Aware Imputation of Incomplete Data for Visualization Recommendation

2023 | arXiv
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Mohamed A. Sharaf


In insight recommendation systems, obtaining timely and high-quality recommended visual analytics over incomplete data is challenging due to the difficulties in cleaning and processing such data. Failing to address data incompleteness results in diminished recommendation quality, compelling users to impute the incomplete data to a cleaned version through a costly imputation strategy. This paper introduces VizPut scheme, an insight-aware selective imputation technique capable of determining which missing values should be imputed in incomplete data to optimize the effectiveness of recommended visualizations within a specified imputation budget. The VizPut scheme determines the optimal allocation of imputation operations with the objective of achieving maximal effectiveness in recommended visual analytics. We evaluate this approach using real-world datasets, and our experimental results demonstrate that VizPut effectively maximizes the efficacy of recommended visualizations within the user-defined imputation budget.